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Run your cloud applications with best performance and highest security standards on our platform with a transparent pricing structure.

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Why Ventus Cloud?

European Cloud

Data will be stored exclusively in Europe

Open Source

Ventus Cloud is based on 100% open source technologies

User Management

The Ventus Cloud Console is multi-client capable

Transparent Prices

Traffic costs are already included in the basic price.

Enterprise Cloud

Support and assistance for enterprise customers including DevOps service

Single Point of Contact

One contact person for all your questions and concerns

Deployment via various distributions

Choose from various Unix distributions such as FreeBSD, Ubuntu, Debian and the like. Use your own ready-made images as templates for better control of your applications.

Unlimited possibilities

Through the Ventus Cloud Console, you have the ability to create virtual machines, Kubernetes, databases and more in seconds.

Best performance

We offer you only the latest and best hardware and software. From AMD Epyc CPU's to NvMe SSDs

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