Solutions and application cases

Data Protection

Intellectual property, financial transactions and business data are among the most valuable assets of any company. Organizations can now confidently protect their mission-critical data and applications by using Ventus Cloud Infrastructure Storage Solutions as their migration and backup goals, reducing cost and complexity while maintaining operational consistency.


The application teams are constantly striving to increase their speed, release products more frequently, resolve problems in less time, and ensure higher overall quality. To support these DevOps goals, Ventus Cloud offers a wide range of powerful services for software development, container management, software configuration, build, integration and deployment.

High Performance Computing

High performance computing is changing the economics of product development and research. It requires fewer prototypes, accelerates testing and shortens time to market. Ventus Cloud offers virtual and dedicated server instances based on the most advanced computing, storage, networking and software technologies - at a fraction of the cost of building your own.


A blockchain is a transparent and verifiable system that will change the way people share values and resources, enforce contracts, and share data. Technologically, it is a shared transaction register - a so-called ledger - that is not stored centrally by a single vendor, but distributed across a network of many computers. Companies use a blockchain as a general data layer to enable a new type of application, which is possible with Ventus Cloud.

Artificial intelligence

With Ventus Cloud AI solutions, you can deliver personalized customer experiences, increase revenue, and lower costs at the same time. This gives you the insight you need to make better business decisions. Try one of our ready-made solutions or create a model that fits your specific needs.