Object storage

A scalable, reliable and cost-effective object storage solution to support your application with an availability of 99.95% (SLA). Back up or operate your data without hidden costs with Ventus Cloud.

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Easily integrate our S3-compatible object storage into any existing application or workflow using your existing customers and libraries. Or use our dashboard.

Native cloud solution

Object storage is important when it comes to making cloud applications scalable. Better scalability, reliability and speed than just storing files on the file system.

Unlimited application

Use object storage for static objects, user uploads, or backups. We offer a powerful solution with a fair pay-per-use price and no hidden costs.

Popular use cases

Backup and Restore

Develop scalable, durable and secure backup and recovery solutions with Object Storage.

Cloud-native applications

Develop mobile and Internet-based applications quickly and cost-effectively with Ventus products and Object Storage for storing production data.

Emergency recovery

Protect critical data, applications, and IT systems running in the Ventus Cloud or your local environment without the cost of a second physical location.

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