Managed Kubernetes

Automate container deployment, scaling and management through the Ventus Cloud.

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Develop and iterate faster with easy deployment. Publish updates and manage your applications and services.


Kubernetes is intelligent and efficient with CPU, memory and memory resources. Automated, Kubernetes adapts to the conditions of your application and tries to work as efficiently as possible.


Automate deployment, monitoring, instance replication, cluster planning and hassle-free application publishing with Ventus Managed Kubernetes.


Kubernetes periodically checks the health of the applications to determine whether instances are no longer responding and replaces them promptly.


With Kubernetes you can scale your application automatically and easily. Depending on the load, Kubernetes can add or remove resources, which in turn is very cost effective if your application has more or fewer users at certain times.


Application deployment on Ventus Managed Kubernetes can run anywhere where Kubernetes is supported. So you can easily migrate your projects from other clouds.

Designed for Developers and Administrators

Web applications

Deploy your applications over Ventus Managed Kubernetes for easier scalability, higher scalability and lower costs. Also use Kubernetes to release updates faster.

API and Backend Services

Use Ventus Managed Kubernetes to deliver services that scale and manage your applications. From authentication to messaging queues to logic, Ventus Managed Kubernetes can be integrated to communicate with your applications.


Use Kuberenetes with applications like GitHub Core or GitHub Runner to automate your integration and deployment lifecycle.

Use cases


Easily run Microservice applications on Managed Kubernetes while gaining access to the Ventus platform and popular open source tools.

Application migration

Easily containerize your current applications and migrate to Ventus Cloud without revising your setup.


Run high-availability and scalable Cubernet clusters on the Ventus Cloud while maintaining full compatibility with your local Cubernet deployments running elsewhere.


SQL and NoSQL databases for all requirements of your applications with best performance and cluster functionality.


Our administrators and developers are Kubernetes certified to provide you with the best possible solution to your problems.