On-demand GPUs for parallel processing workloads such as machine learning, scientific computing, and video processing.

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On-Demand GPU

Between the purchase, installation and maintenance of GPUs, operating costs are often high. With Ventus Cloud GPUs, you can harness the power of GPUs while benefiting from the cloud's most important value proposition: turning a CapEx into an OpEx.

Market Leading Hardware

Ventus cloud GPUs are NVIDIA Tesla V100S units that are currently considered one of the best GPUs on the market. With CUDA, Tensor and RT cores in each unit, these GPUs support all use cases associated with parallel processing, deep learning or ray tracing.

Simplifying Complex Use Cases

You concentrate on your core competencies, we take care of the hardware that makes them possible. Ventus Cloud GPUs remove the entry barrier for complex use cases such as machine learning, AI and video streaming.

Use Cases

Machine Learning

Leverage powerful open source software such as TensorFlow to get started with machine learning. Deep learning and AI workloads are also supported.

Video Processing

4K / 8K high-definition live streaming, video rendering, media encoding, and other graphics related use cases are supported in a few easy steps.

High Performance Computing

Compute and data intensive workloads for industries such as Life Sciences, media, and more are possible with GPU instances.

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