Compute Instances

A data protection-oriented public cloud with compute instances that can deliver simple applications through to complex architectures. Launch an instance in seconds.

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Improve performance in minutes and deploy hundreds or thousands of server instances. Performance can be automatically adjusted according to the scenario.


Ventus Cloud provides a highly reliable environment so that instances can be up and running quickly and predictably. Ventus Cloud provides for 99.95% availability in the data centers.


Cloud security is our top priority. As a customer, you benefit from our secure server and network infrastructure designed to meet the needs of demanding organizations.

Deployment via various distributions

Choose from various Unix distributions such as FreeBSD, Ubuntu, Debian and the like. Use your own ready-made images as templates for better control of your applications.

Unlimited possibilities

We make it easy for you to scale your application. Easily expand your memory or computing power with our dashboard to meet your needs.

Best performance

We offer you only the latest and best hardware and software. From Intel to NvMe SSDs

Advantages of the Ventus Compute Engine

99.95% Uptime

We offer an SLA with an availability of 99.95%. If we do not deliver, we will credit you for the time for which the service was not available.

Best Speed

Premium network connectivity for speed and traffic.

No traffic costs

You have no additional costs for traffic that you generate inside and outside our data center.