Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is one of the three service models of cloud computing. It offers the user the typical components of a data center infrastructure such as hardware, computing power, storage space or network resources from the cloud.


Kubernetes is a portable, extensible open source platform for managing containerized workloads and services that facilitates both declarative configuration and automation. It has a large, rapidly growing ecosystem. Kubernetes services, support and tools are widespread.


PaaS builds on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and adds features to the concept of hardware deployment.


Software as a Service is a part of cloud computing. The SaaS model is based on the principle that the software and the IT infrastructure are operated by an external IT service provider and used by the customer as a service.


Microservices are an information technology architecture pattern in which complex application software is composed of independent processes that communicate with each other using language-independent programming interfaces. The services are largely decoupled and perform a small task.


DevOps describes a process improvement approach from the areas of software development and system administration. DevOps is an artificial word from the terms Development and IT Operations.


Cloud computing is an IT infrastructure that is mostly made available via the Internet. It usually includes storage space, computing power or application software as a service.


A blockchain is a continuously expandable list of data records, called "blocks", which are linked together by cryptographic methods.


The Kubeflow project is dedicated to the goal of making the use of ML (machine learning) workflows on Kubernetes simple, portable and scalable.


Istio is an open source, independent service mesh that provides the foundation for the successful operation of a distributed micro-service architecture.

Service Mesh

In software architecture, a service mesh is a dedicated infrastructure layer that facilitates service-to-service communication between micro services.


Dapr is a portable, event-driven runtime environment for building distributed applications across the cloud and edge in conjunction with Kubernetes.


Knative is a Kubernetes-based platform to deploy and manage modern serverless workloads.


KFServing enables serverless inferencing on Kubernetes and provides performant, high abstraction interfaces for common machine learning (ML) frameworks like TensorFlow, XGBoost, scikit-learn, PyTorch, and ONNX to solve production model serving use cases.


OpenStack is a software project that provides a free architecture for cloud computing. It was initiated by Rackspace and NASA and is supported by several other companies, including AT&T, SUSE Linux GmbH, Canonical, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, Intel, Red Hat, Huawei and IBM.


Docker is a Free Software to isolate applications with container virtualization. Docker simplifies the deployment of applications because containers containing all necessary packages can be easily transported and installed as files.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a generic term for the "artificial" generation of knowledge from experience: An artificial system learns from examples and can generalize them after the learning phase is completed. For this purpose, algorithms in machine learning build a statistical model based on training data.

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