Ventus Cloud FAQ

Account and invoicing

Do I have to pay for stopped instances? +
No, if you stop your instance, the resources are released again and no costs are incurred for you. However, you will be charged for created volumes (persistent storage).
What payment methods do you accept? +
We accept Visa, Mastercard and bank transfer.
Do I have to pay for Internet bandwidth? +
No, Internet bandwidth is free and unlimited with us (Fair Usage Policy).
How am I billed for my instances? +
All resources are charged by the hour. The fees will be billed to your account at the end of each month.
What is two-factor authentication? +
With two-factor authentication you can configure an additional means of authentication for your account. When logging in to Ventus Cloud, you will be prompted for an additional login step after entering your password. This increases the security of your account. We support Google Authenticator and SMS.
How will I be charged for storage (volume)? +
You will only be charged for the size of the storage (in GB). There are no traffic costs, etc.

Data protection

Are Ventus Cloud Services GDPR compliant? +
Ventus Cloud is committed to transparent and secure handling of all personal data in our network. We have ensured that we fully comply with the requirements of the EU legislation on general data protection (GDPR).
What role does Ventus Cloud play in relation to GDPR? +
Ventus Cloud acts both as data controller and data processor. Ventus Cloud acts as a data controller for customer information we collect to process payments and provide customer support. If a customer uses our services to process personal data, Ventus Cloud acts as data processor.
How can I delete or retrieve the data I have on Ventus Cloud? +
Please contact us ( and we will take care of your request.

Technical questions

Which operating system templates do you offer? +
We currently offer all major Linux operating systems like Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, ... You are welcome to visit our portal ( to get more information. Unfortunately, we do not yet offer a function to use your own ISO images
Do you offer IPv6 support? +
No, we currently only offer IPv4 support.
Do you offer managed hosting? +
No. You have 100% control over your instance (root access) and can therefore install any software you like.
Do you offer S3-compatible object storage? +
Yes. Our Ventus storage is S3 compatible.
How is the bandwidth charged? +
We don't charge for bandwidth, it's free with us.

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