Ventus Cloud AG

Ventus Cloud AG is a European cloud provider, headquartered in Switzerland, offering cloud infrastructure products for companies of all types and sizes. The company offers a range of scalable, flexible cloud infrastructure products including Cloud Server, Cloud Block Storage, Private Cloud Network, Cloud Firewall, Kubernetes, IaaS, Paas and more.

With our expert team we guarantee 24/7 support for customers.

Our Locations

We have our servers in

  • Austria (Voesendorf, Marchtrenk)
  • Germany (Lindau)
  • Switzerland (St. Gallen)

Our servers are directly connected to these internet exchanges

  • DE-CIX (Frankfurt, Germany)
  • AMS-IX (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Our Offices are located in

  • Vienna (Austria)
  • Tuggen (Switzerland)
  • Lindau, Hamburg (Germany)
  • Naturns (Italy)

We proudly support

Our Mission

Founded in 2019, Ventus Cloud AG is dedicated to helping developers and businesses by simplifying the delivery of infrastructure through its European cloud platform. Ventus Cloud is strategically distributed across Europe (initially Austria) and offers a seamless delivery of compute, storage and kubernetes.

Ventus Cloud aims to provide a standardised, highly reliable, high-performance cloud computing environment across Europe. It has never been easier to run a business in a European cloud!


The goal of our company is to develop a European cloud so that European companies are not dependent on American cloud platforms.

...Transparent costs

Our products are billed on an hourly basis, which means there are no long-term contracts or hidden costs. Furthermore there are no traffic costs.


Our cloud infrastructure is based on OpenStack, which provides a free architecture for cloud computing.

...Individual Software Development

Through our division DataSky we also offer individual software development (with technologies like Kubernetes, etc.).