At Ventus, our mission is to support companies in a digital world.

A data-sovereign future

Security of energy supply shaped the 20th century and is also indispensable for the 21st century. Sovereignty in energy supply has rightly been at the top of the political agenda for decades.

Likewise, data sovereignty, driven by digitalization and automation, will become a critical success factor for companies and government agencies in the coming years.

Ventus supports companies and government agencies in the challenges posed by digitalization and process automation.

"Solutions for a sovereign digital future." - Our mission.

New possibilities through technical evolution

The market and society demand new solutions to make processes and applications more efficient and sustainable. Ventus aims to support customers in the following two critical areas:

  • Learning Enterprise Software Applications for Government and Business
  • Industry 4.0 and Machine Learning Applications

Secure and efficient data exchange between public authorities, companies and customers and rapid application development are crucial for implementing digital business models quickly and in a timely manner.

Climate targets and increased efficiency can only be achieved if the central issues of customer needs, infrastructure, production, buildings and energy are considered as a whole.

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Paul Hauser

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Urs Rhyner

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Philipp Hecht


Kai Ebensperger


Oleg Chornyi


Our locations

We have our servers in

  • Austria (Voesendorf, Marchtrenk)
  • Germany (Lindau)
  • Switzerland (St. Gallen)

Our servers are directly connected to these internet exchanges

  • DE-CIX (Frankfurt, Germany)
  • AMS-IX (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Our Offices are located in

  • Vienna (Austria)
  • Tuggen (Switzerland)
  • Lindau (Germany)

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