The European Cloud and Digitization Platform

Run your cloud applications with best performance and highest security standards on our platform with a transparent pricing structure.
Our digitization platform offers: Compute, Storage, Kubernetes.

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Why Ventus Cloud?

European Cloud​

We are not affected by the Patriot and Cloud Act. Data is stored exclusively in Europe.


Ventus Cloud relies exclusively on open source technology for its platform.​

Multi-Cloud ready

Applications, which have been created on Ventus Cloud or in cooperation with Ventus Cloud are multi-cloud capable.


The headquarters of the company Ventus Cloud is in Switzerland. Swiss legislation has adopted the European GDPR.

DevOps Service

Ventus Cloud supports its customers in software projects from planning to implementation.

Price advantage

Compared to the major players in the cloud business, Ventus Cloud has a price advantage of 40-50%.​

Web-Applications & Services

Operate your websites, services or apps via Ventus Cloud to guarantee the best possible speed and performance for your customers.

Storage & Databases

With Ventus Cloud you can easily store critical data. We guarantee for their security and retrievability. In addition, we provide you with databases with the best speed and availability.

Internet of Things & Industry 4.0

Hook your IoT devices into the Ventus Cloud. We make sure that the communication between your devices is secure and reliable.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

With Ventus Cloud you get a a fully-managed cloud service that enables you to easily build, deploy and share predictive analytics solutions.

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